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St. Valentine DC Factory, established in 1959 and modernized in 1997 under the guidance and license of the Coconut Development Authority (CDA), has consistently maintained remarkable customer loyalty for its desiccated coconut (DC) products across Sri Lanka. In 2013, the factory expanded its operations to include aqueous coconut products like coconut milk and cream coconut, demonstrating its adaptability to market demands.

This commitment to excellence has been validated through multiple awards received at National Productivity awards ceremonies. Notably, in 2014, the factory achieved the prestigious "Wayamba Vyaparika Vishishtatha Sammana," the highest recognition in the category of excellent businesses in the province, reaffirming its position as an industry leader.

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Since 1959

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To be the most trusted, nutritious, healthy and natural coconut kernel based products manufacturer producer in the mind and hearts of our loyal customers.

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To strengthen the country's economy by producing safe & quality products related to coconut kernel based Industry and win the International market and help to uplift the lining standards of Sri lanakans.

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St.Valantine DC Factory

St.Valantine D/C Factory, which was established in 1965 and it was modernized in 1997 as state of art factory for desiccated coconut production under the guidance and license of Coconut Development Authority (CDA), since then it has maintained an excellent customer loyalty for their DC products throughout the Island. St. Valantine DC Factory extended its operation capacity for aqueous coconut productions such as coconut milk with success of its operation it has been further improved to manufacture virgin coconut oil. The company has invested modern technology having professional workforce responding to many challenges & demands of its growing markets.

St.Valantine DC Factory has achieved the following awards in National Productivity awards ceremonies, in 2014 highest award in the category of excellent businesses (2013) in the province and in 2016 awarded as the Best Kernel Based Industry in recognition of the devoted role in development of the kernal based industry in wayamba & as the based Export Enterprise in recognition of the substantial contribution to the foreign exchange earnings.

Legal Register: VDCF-008

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    St. Valantine DC Factory

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